Pricing & Delivery

Custom Caricature Art to Last a Lifetime.

There are a number of ways caricature artist Joel can draw caricatures for you.

Caricature drawings of groups at an event:

Black & white…$175.00 per hour. One-hour minimum if no more than 30 minutes drive to the venue; otherwise, two hours minimum. Caricatures are done of heads only (that speeds the line along) and usually take no more than 4-5 minutes per individual.

To secure booking, a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required. Deposit will otherwise be applied towards the total fee.

Caricatures from photos:

Head only, black & white…………$75.00

  Full Body, black & white …………$150.00

*Full Body, B&W, props/in action..$TBD

 Head only, full color*………………..$125.00

Full Body, full color*………………..$195.00

*Full Body, color, props/in action..$TBD


*Full body, b&w or color, props/in action — fee at the discretion of the artist, if the scope and detail of the subject take on considerable work and time, including that for research.

*Color medium is at the discretion of the artist; it may be through Sharpie/Magic Marker or colored pencils.

Additional figures priced as if individual.

To secure commitment to produce the requested art, a deposit of $50.00 required.

Generally, custom caricatures are drawn on white, medium-weight 9″ x 12″ or 11” x 14” sized paper, with option for 12″ x 18.”

Prices do not include shipping.

In addition:

    • Special Time Magazine cover “Man/Woman of the Year” art: Prices follow the list above; add $95.00 for special Time cover customization, including significant date of choice and accompanying “headline.”

    • Travel to venues beyond a 30-mile radius from southeast Charlotte to other parts of North Carolina and South Carolina or beyond may require a mileage fee, based on the current IRS allowance ($.59 per mile as of 12/17/21).  Considerable distance and time traveled may also require overnight lodging at a reasonable rate, to be added to the art fee.
  • Fees for caricatures, cartoons, illustrations for commercial use or editorial publication may be negotiated, depending on subject and “impressions” per audience.

When drawing caricatures from photos – the larger, more current, the better.  Please, no old shots from years ago, taken among 20 other people.  You know what works best – the type of pictures that are professionally taken at school, or as a “glamour” shot from the mall, or simply taken by an amateur…as long as they’re clear and close up.

You may send the photo(s) to him by postal mail, in which case the photo will be returned along with the art – the postage fee will be added to the price. 

Or you may e-mail the photos (jpegs) to Joel at either or

You’ll be asked for information on the person(s) to be caricatured: for instance, hair and eye color, profession, hobbies or other interests, etc.  Feel free, as well, to suggest the “scene” to be drawn.

Please allow for 14 days delivery time from the day the photos are first received.  Rush requests may be billed at an additional rate.

Payment for all services may be remitted by check, cash or

Mobile: 704.575.8850


Charlotte, North Carolina 28270

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