Hiring Joel?  Here’s All You Need to Know.

How long does a caricature take?
Generally, a caricature drawing takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes per face (about 15 faces an hour). Which would mean two people would take twice that, and so on.

Does Joel draw caricatures of everyone at an event?
It all depends on the number of guests…and the time that’s been allotted for him to draw.

Can Joel also draw caricatures from photos?
Yes, but he prefers not to draw from camera phone photos; they’re often not clear, too small, time out…and it’s generally not fair to those who are already there in person.  Joel will happily fill your request to draw from photos via a separate arrangement where it’s done from his studio.

Does Joel draw children as well as adults?
Of course! Joel draws kids at birthday parties, camp/school events, graduation parties, family reunions and, naturally, at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.

What size paper does Joel use for his caricature art?
He uses 11” × 14” sized paper. It’s a good surface size for drawing, especially if there is more than one individual, and is a standard size for framing and photocopying.

Do the caricatures smudge, run or smear?
Not generally. It’s best to just leave the drawing as is, though an option would be to spray it with a “Fixative” to further assure that it indeed won’t smudge, run or smear.

Does Joel do anything to the caricature art when done?
He inserts each final drawing in a clear plastic sleeve for protection and ease of portability.

Is there usually a sign-up sheet or number system for getting drawn?
Most events tend to be on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. A line is formed once people realize that the caricature artist is drawing. This is generally pretty fair and the more popular option for weddings. However, some event planners prefer to designate someone that would help organize and maintain the order of those in line by using a sign-up sheet or number system.

Does Joel do full-body, “themed” caricatures?
He’s found that just drawing the head works best at a well-attended event. The line moves more quickly that way and doesn’t get bogged down because of elaborate scenarios per each person.

Does Joel work alone?                                                                                                           Usually, yes.  But if an extraordinarily large crowd is anticipated – whether it’s a private function or corporate event – Joel can bring in other artists to join him…anywhere from one to six or more.

What about color?
Joel draws only black-and-white caricatures for live events; it’s the same reasoning as for the full-body, themed issue. For commissioned studio assignments, Joel is happy to incorporate color, budget allowing.

Joel drawing 3

How many people can be drawn together in one picture?
It works best (both in terms of quality and quantity) to limit the caricature drawing to no more than four subjects. That’s because with each new person there is an extra consideration in terms of composing the drawing, getting them to fit on the page. The fastest caricatures would then have 1-2 people in them.

What materials does Joel use?
Unlike most other caricaturists who use a Sharpie pen, Joel uses a common utensil often found in the kitchen, garage or work shed – a China Marker, or grease pencil. Joel likes the tone, depth and texture the pencil provides.

Does Joel “exaggerate” in his caricature interpretation?
While, stereotypically, caricature artists are seen as over-emphasizing facial effects in a gross manner, Joel applies a “gentler” touch to make the face a little more portrait like and just a tad more whimsical looking.

Is it okay for guests to photocopy their caricature for use beyond the event?
Yes, guests can make unlimited copies for private use.

What does Joel need from event organizers, or does he bring everything?
Joel brings everything to create the caricatures.  Four chairs and enough lighting in the area to see his subjects are all the venue needs to provide. However, if the latter items are not available, Joel can provide his own, including a portable lamp.

Mobile: 704.575.8850

E-mail: jdkmcm@gmail.com

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