Smiling Faces, Happy Places.

The role of a caricature artist, of course, is to reproduce a likeness of the subject in a whimsical, somewhat exaggerated manner. The keyword for Joel here is “likeness.”

He prides himself on capturing the essence of the individual, with obvious characteristics as hair, eyes, nose, ears, skin patterns and more providing the distinguishing earmarks.

But it always comes back to “likeness.” After all, if a custom caricature doesn’t look like the person, both artist and subject have been shortchanged.

Here are “live” subjects of Joel’s caricatures from weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate and retail events, trade shows, private parties, children’s holiday gatherings and more:


burns cadillac cropped

Burns Cadillac cropped 2

corp. pic 8

Domstar 3

Domstar 2

Domstar 4

Domstar 5

Caricature girl


festival 17

kid pic 8

festival 5

greensboro 1

greensboro 4

kellex b

kellex c

kellex e

Greensboro older couple

Greensboro young couple

MM 5


Primax caricatures


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